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  • Art. illustration For Example: Amalie Cecilia


    Amalie Cecilia


    My work is inspired by The West Coast of Denmark (Vesterhavet), jazz and hip hop, Ghana, buildings in Copenhagen, space and time. I live in Copenhagen. I am 22 years old studying Cultural Studies which contributes to my sources of inspiration and keeps my curisosity alive!

    The best thing about creating and painting is the people you meet and connect with through the mutual love for colors, shapes, texture and sound and visuals.

    All illustration by Amalie Cecilia
  • Art. illustration For Example: Aleksandar Todorovic


    Aleksandar Todorovic


    I create socially and politically inspired works of art, inspired by our everyday problems. I created my own set of archetypal characters which i use to create narrative regarding our contemporary modern world. There is the overall use of religious composition and visual symbols, mostly from the tradition of Orthodox Christian Icons. They are mixed with certain surrealism and illustration-like visual style i employ, with references to pop culture, comic books and video-game aesthetics etc. I also use a lot of dark humor, irony and satire.

    All illustration by Aleksandar Todorovic
  • Art. illustration For Example: Clovis C.M


    Clovis C.M


    I've been exploring the relationship between man and nature. In terms of content I've always had a strong affinity for natural science illustration and portraiture. Stylistically my work is pretty much all line based. I've always loved the graphic nature of linework and how contrasting bold graphic lines with thin delicate lines can give you an ever-expanding range of tools to work with, and it's the use of these tools I look to explore.

    All illustration by Clovis C.M
  • Art. illustration For Example: Vanessa Teodoro


    Vanessa Teodoro


    My work is messy in an organized way. I portrait myself in most of my work, it’s a way of me understanding how I’m actually feeling at the time (sometimes things get strange) I have a tendency to represent strong female icons, detailed backgrounds, graphic patterns and hidden/not so hidden messages.

    All illustration by Vanessa Teodoro
  • Art. illustration For Example: André Catarino


    André Catarino


    André Catarino's thematic concerns, exploring subjects such as human-inflected landscapes and late capitalist ruins, and appropriation of other media composition techniques and reproduction systems (especially past photographic and cinematographic techniques) puts André Catarino in a central vein of Western thought and art-related concerns, which connect him to diverse names and oeuvres such as Atget's, Walter Benjamin's and the Bechers's.

    'Landscape,' as of course, is always already a human category, a section and separative bloc acted upon the natural biosphere, one that reveals cultural conditions. The portability, as it were, of landscape creates, paradoxically, a distance from, and a classification of, nature. Catarino's particular choice of represented scenes – trainways, mining structures, abandoned civilian buildings or military installations, monumental ruins, or vestiges of abandoned industrial and capitalist goods – reinforce the coherence of the artist's research. Point in fact, André Catarino's insistence on the theme of ruins and destruction, frequently through fire (which allies itself neatly and pertinently with his choice of materials and chromatic outlook), links him in many other ways to the work of German philosopher Walter Benjamin.

    All illustration by André Catarino
  • Art. illustration For Example: Hannah Hurricane


    Hannah Hurricane


    I use Drawing to think about our ancestral landscapes, how the rituals, spaces, and beings of domestic life and the natural world overlap and communicate in tandem. Pulling from my experiences as a mother and my academic training in Wildlife Ecology, I incorporate both live drawing and drawings of old family photos, mashing them up against rivers, valleys, and meadows, but also: line, color, form. The landscapes become part-memory, part-imagined, a way to investigate the presence of ancestral spirits in modern life.

    All illustration by Hannah Hurricane
  • Art. illustration For Example: tomartacus




    My brother Tom and I set up Tomartacus last year, we’re a Hackney based design company and we create all of our prints between the two of us. I take photos of our favourite spots in London and Tom sketches them using a pen tablet, so they’re all hand drawn digital prints.

    All illustration by tomartacus
  • Art. illustration For Example: Shema Ladva


    Shema Ladva


    Shema Ladva (b.1970) artist, mother, middle aged, fan of Grime and D&B.

    The best way to describe my work is describe my life. I'm trying to have it all!

    I work in pen on paper as its the easiest form of medium to transport from studio to home and back again.

    As parenthood takes over every instinct of my daily routine, the quest for reality is always there in the forefront of my work (because this is my life!). I deal with people, plantscapes and oddly enough, poultry.

    I live in Romford, currently the centre of my world, but it holds real gems of endless personalities for me to capture and record. The suburban landscape with its suburban social inadequacies.

    All illustration by Shema Ladva
  • Art. illustration For Example: Minga Opazo


    Minga Opazo


    My work is influenced by my heritage. Each art piece and installation has many layers of information that connects to my personal experience as a chilean moving to the United States. The natural word that surrounds me is constantly changing as I travel. Using natural materials from these places as well as materials from Chile help me feel connected to my heritage while communing with the new place I live. I am particularly interested in the places where nature and repetitive human action overlap. A big theme in my work is the layering of repetition, which when looking closely can be found everywhere in nature yet is in constant change and flow.

    Intaglio print with copper leaf and gold leaf additions

    All illustration by Minga Opazo
  • Art. illustration For Example: Lauren Scavo


    Lauren Scavo


    I am drawn to landscapes because they are both universal and personal; they are intertwined in both individual lives and collective histories, and are historically and culturally relevant in the art community and in the larger world. Though they are constantly changing, they are ever-present.

    My mark-making is expressive; however, since my finished pieces are so small in scale, the expressiveness of these marks cannot be seen unless the pieces are viewed from a close distance. Thus, I am seeking to depict the contrast between the objective depiction of nature and the subjective human element that is always present in our interpretation of our surroundings.

    All illustration by Lauren Scavo
  • Art. illustration For Example: Mike McDonnell


    Mike McDonnell


    My work began with an interest in mechanical diagrams and technical manuals. I would replicate them with red oil. This combination of subject and medium reminded me of anatomical drawings and cadaver studies. Stumbling upon an old technique applied to modern objects, I immediately became captivated by this kind of visual dissection.

    As I looked deeper into the physicality of objects and organisms, layers of meaning and associations became impossible to ignore. My interest had shifted from a purely visual examination of objects to an anthropological excavation and assessment of my personal environment.

    The results are unpredictable and ever-changing. But that’s the point. I’m not looking to prescribe answers of guidance. My goal is to catalogue – to investigate, dissect and examine – to provide access and insight to the fleeting moments of the present and recent past.

    All illustration by Mike McDonnell
  • Art. illustration For Example: matt lee


    matt lee


    'Sabbatical' - Sometime in late 2006 I bought a Moleskin journal and a small selection of Tombow pens from a store on Tottenham Court Road in London. Nearly ten years later I rediscovered these supplies at the back of a drawer in my Bangalore studio and felt bad I had never used them – there and then I started working, and from the first few quick and spontaneous drawings this series took shape.

    All illustration by matt lee
  • Art. illustration For Example: Yoyo Miyoko


    Yoyo Miyoko


    My name is Yoyo Miyoko and I am an illustrator living in London. Currently I am taking experience with metallic colored pencils on dark paper. I love drawing portraits, fashion and botanical illustrations.

    All illustration by Yoyo Miyoko
  • Art. illustration For Example: Ivy Chang


    Ivy Chang


    I am inspired by the exploration and language of life, the little and big moments that resonate with me. My work often involves anthropomorphic animals and objects as a way of storytelling from a humorous and charming perspective. I also love graphic designs and writing, which I tried to incorporate in my life as often as possible.

    All illustration by Ivy Chang


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    Nicholas Herbert



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